Sunday, November 2, 2008

the time I had sex with Bob Ross.

Things with The Consultant having been going extremely well...which of course makes me nervous. I'm enjoying my time with him, but I'm also waiting for that moment when I do something to screw it all up or he does.

This is probably one of the reasons I have been single for so long.

I just feel like dating is so strange that way. You're with someone wasting your emotional life on them, when you don't even know if anything will come of it, except awesome stories for martini night with the girls.

At any rate, things are going well...

On Thursday, we met for drinks at happy hour. I was really nervous for some reason. My hands were shaking and my lips were trembling. Needless to say, I got a drink very quickly. We started talking and my nerves quickly flew out the window.

He told me I looked sexy in my work clothes. Yeah, baby.

Then on Friday, my new roommate and I went into the city all dressed to go. I ended up just finding this great wig and rockin' it all night long. The Consultant ended up meeting up with us and he looked hilarious in his costume. He went as Bob Ross and kept painting happy trees for everyone all night. I lost him 1000000 times because people kept pulling him around the bar.

My roommate had one too many tequila shots and the two of us drug her back home. Although, not before she puked in the subway. Apparently, I was getting a little of control too. He said I was spreading my legs for him on the subway...I don't recall 0;)

Moral of the story is...I had sex with Bob Ross this weekend...not once, not twice, but three times before he left me to venture home on Saturday. He can paint my landscape anytime.

I retract my earlier statement. He's delicious and I can definitely get used to it.

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